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Norton's Cove Studio Inc.

Hermit Cove Cups

Hermit Cove Cups

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Hermit Cove Cup Series

  • Three editions of 100 prints + 1 Trial Proof
  • Available matted to fit a 10 x 10" frame
  • Available in a professional metallic wooden frame
  • Janet Davis 2020
  • Printed on Canson Edition 250g Antique White paper
  • Also available (just two) framed as a set of three: one in a vertical and one in a horizontal setup in a professional grey wooden driftwood look frame.

"These cups were created during COVID-19 restricted times.  While choosing books to read or listen to over the winter and spring, I found that the old stories of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters were where comfort was found.  This translated to my artwork in that I found myself going back to old images, old ideas from my own work.  These teacups were originally used in my imagery in 1996 up until about 1999.  My series of work then, called teastory, was all about appreciating the little things in life, and realizing how good things are compared to the experiences of our ancestors."

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