A Christmas card: red background, foreground of embossed holly/berries and a red ribbon bow.  Text reads May Christmas Mirth we New Year Joy.

May Christmas Mirth wed New Year Joy

This image is from a collection of cards and letters that were found on my property when I first became the new owner back in 1997.  

I donated quite a lot of cards addressed to Captain Job Kean and his wife Virtue (Hann) as well as other items dating as far back as the late 1800s which now make up the Job Kean Collection at MUN's archives and the archives at The Rooms.  

This particular card is from Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Morine in 1905.  Mrs. Morine's name was Alice Mason.

I didn't know what the word 'mirth' meant, so I looked it up: Mirth, glee, hilarity, merriment, jollity, joviality refer to the gaiety characterizing people who are enjoying the companionship of others. Mirth suggests spontaneous amusement or gaiety, manifested briefly in laughter: uncontrolled outbursts of mirth.  I love it!

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