Janet Davis 2007


I have always been interested in lineage, family trees, and the like.  These seven oil paintings from almost 20 years ago on plywood, measuring ~ 24" x 36" each, represent 7 generations of my family:

  1. William Davis who would maybe have sailed by Durdle Door soon after leaving England for the last time, on his way to make a new life on Pinchard's Island in Newfoundland.  
  2. George Davis, who left Pinchard's Island for nearby Pound Cove
  3. James Davis
  4. Levi Davis 
  5. Augustus Davis who lived in Wesleyville, and then Brookfield
  6. Bruce Davis, my dad, with the islands around the reach in Wesleyville where he grew up
  7. and me, with the view from my house & studio: Bennett's High Island in the background.

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