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Mick Davis

Mick Davis

Mick Davis

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Mick is my youngest brother and I adore his musical abilities, but as his sister, you'll assume my opinion is biased.  So here's what others say...     
MUSICNL  "Mick Davis is a music veteran with oodles of touring, writing, producing & recording experience. His fans include former Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham, Bruce Springsteen’s right hand man Steve Van Zandt, Canadian guitar hero Gordie Johnson & legendary screen actress Kim Novak.
SANDY MAY/THE OVERCAST   "If Newfoundland is an embarrassment of musical riches, rock and roll troubadour Mick Davis stands tall as one of the East Coast’s finest gems. If I have to fault Endless Weekend for anything, it’s only that I had to pry the latest Novaks disc from my stereo in its place."
@kp_services   "every mini Mick CD makes me smile.. today it's endless weekend u
da man"
And my opinion has been proven correct  again: Mick Davis has been awarded 2017 Male Artist of the Year by MusicNL.
Learning the Game (2014)
  • Thin Love
  • I'll Cry Tomorrow
  • Don't Say Goodnight
  • Baby, Please Go Slow
  • Does the Moon Also Fall?
  • By My Side
  • Love Wins

Hello Again (2014)

  • Hello Again
  • Try, My Baby
  • Give Me Rain
  • Is That You?
  • Train of Love
  • Down the Road
  • Catch the Wind

Coats & Badges (2015)

  • The Brookfield Gang
  • Body's Broken
  • Letter on the Door
  • In Case of Emergency
  • Streamline
  • I Got a Feeling
  • Don't You Want to See Me Again?

Endless Weekend (2016)

  • Waiting for You
  • Happiness
  • I'm Still Alive
  • I'm so in Love with You
  • Lunger's Lament
  • Better than That
  • Turn it all Around
  • If you were Mine
  • P. S. My Glasses are Just Fine
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