Norton's Cove Products Available at:

Norton's Cove Cards, Norton's Cove Mini-Prints, and Norton's Cove Bookmarks are made here at Norton's Cove Studio! 

Can't get to Norton's Cove Studio to purchase your prints straight from Janet?  Norton's Cove products can be found at these fabulous shops around our gorgeous province and beyond:

Alexis Templeton Studio

Artisan Market

Craft Council Shop

Cupid's Legacy Centre

Dock Marina


Fisherman's Landing

Fisher's Loft Inn

Grenfell Heritage Hotel & Suites

Gros Morne Crafts


Herbie's Old Shoppe

Historic Sites Association of NL

Johnny Ruth

King's Point Pottery

La Bella Mona Lisa 

Molly Made Fibre Art Studio

Norseman Restaurant & Gaia Art Gallery

Rosewood Variety

Running the Goat Books & Broadsides

The Baccalieu Gallery

The Dark Tickle Company

The Glass Station

The Iceberg Shop

The Newfoundland Store

The Rooms Corporation of NL Giftshop

The Roost