All hoodies and t-shirts are now on sale!  40% off!  Fred is wearing a zip up hoodie in this collage, as well as a Kraft paper coloured t-shirt.  We also have deep red and military green available!

Winter Sale

Norton's Cove Studio will be more studio than shop in 2024.  Everyone is still welcome to stop by for a browse while the OPEN sign is showing, but I won't be keeping regular retail hours anymore, and I won't be stocking the shop with anything other than what we make right here.  

So, I'm lining up some great deals for all of you!

Until it's all gone, here's what's on sale:

  • Dark Tickle spreads, sauces, coffee, tea, chocolate, etc. are 50% off
  • ArtSea jewellery is 50% off (in-store only)
  • All books are 30% off
  • All apparel: t-shirts, hoodies, and toques are all 40% off
  • Gros Morne Coffee Beans are half price
  • Wesleyville Note Cards are now $17.50 a pack, down from $25
  • Karlande Designs are on for 50% off
  • And all the Café kitchenware too!
  • Click this LINK to go right to the What's On Sale collection in the online shop.

And I'll be refilling those shelves with new artwork, Norton's Cove Knots, and a few other little projects I've been thinking about making... I'm really looking forward to it!

And please do stop in to have a coffee whenever you see the OPEN sign in the window!  I do love having visitors!

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