View of the inside of Norton's Cove Studio, aka Kean's General Store

Card Production

I finished printing my latest print run of cards, mini-prints, and bookmarks last night.  So today, packaging has begun.  That includes hand colouring some designs, like the Forget-me-not  and Christmas Cruiser cards shown here, laid out on the counter to dry, one colour added at a time.  

Norton's Cove Cards with watercolour drying on the counter

Cards will be folded, stamped, coupled with an envelope, and added to a compostable plastic sleeve to keep it clean and tidy.  Mini-Prints get signed, matted, and put in a similar bag.  The bookmarks get stamped, tasseled, and bagged.  

I love having visitors when this is happening- the monotonous work can be hard to stay focused on, so having someone to talk to makes the work go faster! 

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