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Kitchen & Dining Wares

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Norton's Cove Café's dishes, small appliances, items used in the kitchen or dining room.  Most of these items are used lightly.  No shipping available on these products.
  • Sunbeam electric kettle: cordless, 1.7L capacity, auto shut-off*
  • Gurallar ArtCraft espresso cups: set of 2 cups with 2 saucers; glass*
  • Vitrex large white ceramic tea pot*
  • Vitrex small white ceramic tea pot*
  • Antique glass egg cups; 1 set of four
  • Water Glasses: clear glass with stem*
  • Small white bowls that were used for serving a cup of soup, oatmeal, and ice-cream*
  • Miniature casserole dishes: white ceramic
  • Set of 6 Stainless steel steak knives in a storage box
  • Pastry Brush*
  • Cookie Bags*
  • Beverage Dispenser with spout: Glass, metal base & screw on lid.  
  • 1/2 litre carafe: glass
  • Used glass mugs that we served drip coffee in- quite scratchy, but beloved!
  • French Press
  • Glass Cappuccino mugs*
  • White tulip style muffin/baking cups: sleeve of 150*

*Anything new and still in its original packaging is marked with an asterisk.

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