Snow Crab linocut image printed on cream paper using watercolour paints and an etching press.  Framed in metallic finish.

Snow Crab

There's been so much talk about the Snow Crab industry lately, I thought I should post this image for today's product update.

I made this image by:

  • drawing and carving the image of a snow crab onto a piece of linoleum to make the printing matrix
  • covering that matrix with watercolour paint, letting it dry, and then gently misting the image with clean water to get the speckled look found on a crab shell
  • placing the dry painted matrix on the bed of my Praga etching press
  • covering the image with a piece of dampened 250g cream Arches 100% cotton fibre paper
  • covering the paper and matrix with the press' wool blankets, and rolling the bed under the pressured roller
  • uncovering the printed piece, seeing the debossment made in the paper as it has taken on the shape of the printing plate
  • carefully lifting the paper from the matrix, and setting it on the drying rack

Each impression is matted to show the edges of the paper which is debossed with the texture of the printing matrix.  

Available here at the studio and in the online shop!

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