D2L Fusion

D2L Fusion

I will be forever thankful to D2L for giving me the opportunity to create a bespoke invitation for their annual Fusion conference which is happening in Toronto from the 8th to the 10th of July.  

Each card is an original lino-cut relief print which is hand coloured using watercolours to represent D2L (green) and its products Brightspace (orange) and Wave (blue).  A personal message from the company's founder, John Baker, is found on the inside of the card.  

The project included mailing the cards to educators and thinkers all over the world.  

I am proud to have my name stamped on the back of every card, for I believe that education is imperitive to the development of this big beautiful world that we live in, and that all our problems can be solved by learning, researching, and teaching.

To the whole D2L Team, I wish you a brilliantly successful Fusion!

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