COVID-19 Restrictions

Newfoundland & Labrador is currently at Alert Level 2 in the province's COVID-19 restrictions.     

Norton's Cove Studio is open for business as usual, with the following restrictions in place:

  • mask wearing is required by customers and staff
  • customers must stay 2 meters away from anyone not in their bubble

Norton's Cove Café is open for business as usual, following these guidelines:

  • Patrons are asked to enter at the front, and to leave the building at the side door (ramp) to avoid coming face to face with those outside your bubble at the door.
  • Mask wearing is required by customers and staff unless seated.
  • patrons must physically distance themselves from anyone outside their bubble, including staff
  • Servers will bring food and drinks to a designated end of your table, and guests must pass those items to the person who ordered them.  Empty plates/dishes should be returned to the same end of the table so that the server can take them away without leaning in close to customers.
  • Reservations are required.  Please call 536-2633 to reserve your table- we'll need your name, the number of people in your party, and a telephone number for contact tracing.  

Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe!  We're in this together!