Art Supplies available in store

Norton's Cove Studio Carries a small selection of art supplies.  See full list below...
Ocaldo Sketch Sticks Blue | white | grey | black
$0.79 each
Stabilo Pencil Sharpener   $2.66 each
Stabilo Pencils $1.26 each
Q Plain Notebook 5.5x8.25   $10
Q Wirebound Sketchbook 11x14   $20
Royal India Ink   $3.50
Basics Acrylic Gesso   $14.45
From Stevenson:
Assorted Brushes with varying prices
Assorted Painting Knives   $8.60 each
5x7 Frederix Canvas Board   $2.50
10x20 Frederix Canvas Board  $5.85
Mineral Spirits 500mL   $6.50
Raw Linseed Oil 265mL   $6.90
Satin Varnish and Medium 120mL   $10.45
11x14 Stretched Canvas   $12.65
Q 11x14 Canvas Panel  $4.70
Q 20x30 Stretched Canvas   $30.80
Stevenson Oil Colours in 60 mL tubes:
Dioxazine Violet   $25.10
Burnt Sienna   $10.90
Burnt Umber   $9.80
Cadmium Red Mid   $28.30
Cadmium Yellow Lemon   $25.10
Cadmium Yellow Mid   $25.10
Iridescent Gold   $24.35
Iridescent Pearl White   $16.15
Payne's Grey   $9.80
Permanent Alizarin   $21.95
Phthalo Blue   $13.15
Phthalo Green   $14.60
Sap Green   $13.15
Titanium White   $9.80 or 150mL for $19.40
Ultramarine Blue   $13.15
Yellow Ochre   $9.80
Linoleum   $0.02/square inch
Canson 22x30 250g White paper   $4.25 each
Arches 22x30 250g Cream paper   $6.00 each
Speedball Soft Brayer 4"   $21.25
Korn's Lithographic Crayons  No. 00  and No.5   $2.89each
Elmer's Glue Sticks Acid Free 1.4oz   $2.25 each
*There are usually a number of art supply items found in the 50% OFF Discount Bin at the studio which are not listed above.