114 Main Street

114 Main Street

Our property fondly remembered as Norton's Cove Café (by many) has been on the real estate market for over a year now.  We haven't had any real interest from potential buyers.  I am making a bold move and have asked my real estate agent, Craig Loder, to make a drastic drop in price.  Plan A still includes a chef buying the place and running a similar quality place to eat, drink, and be merry.  

For anyone thinking about opening a restaurant here and worrying that you won't be able to make it work, we can tell you that the mistakes made in our first couple of years were the largest reason for our closure.  We weren't in a strong enough position when we were hit with pandemic issues.  If we could start fresh, knowing what we know now, it could work.  We hear from wanna-be customers every day! 

If the property doesn't sell quickly, we will be moving on to Plan B: Rental properties are very hard to find in the area, and we think we can make two nice apartments out of the building.  

Take a look at the real estate listing here, and remember that there is also a parcel of land for sale next door to us which would make a beautiful space for a new home with an ocean view, a little rattling brook, and easygoing neighbours!


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