May 7-13 2023

Posted by Janet Davis on

This month, Norton's Cove Studio is open 10-6 Wednesday to Sunday.  Please feel free to stop in for a chat and a twack around this old shop any time you see the open sign in the window.  I am in the midst of #printapalooza, which will go on for a couple of more weeks yet to get everything printed!  It's a great time to drop in to see live printmaking demos.  To meet all our needs better, our open studio event now takes place all day from 10am to 6pm on Wednesdays.  And if we're not done by 6pm, we'll stay late!  

Norton's Cove Café will be reopening in June.  We do like to host dinners for groups of 12 or more in the off-season, so if you have a group event coming up, let us know!  We are also taking bookings for performers during the summer and fall.  Who would you like to see Live @ Norton's Cove this year?

Norton's Cove Marine is ready for work anywhere in the province - if you have a boat that needs a survey, give us a call!  We have changed our pricing formula a little and would like to have the opportunity to quote your project.  


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