May 14-20 2023

Posted by Janet Davis on

This week, I'm battling a cold that I am blaming Duke for.  So I'm doing easy work in the office when I can, and still trying to keep the studio open to visitors by wearing a mask and washing my hands often.  Please forgive me if I need to go home and take a nap! 

Norton's Cove Studio is open regular off-season hours 10-6 Wednesday to Saturday.  And of course, is open for shopping and information 24-7.

Norton's Cove Café is closed until our regular season starts: those dates are always posted on our calendar should you ever need to check if there is any change, as well as check out special events coming up.  I'm starting to get some inquiries from musicians booking their summer tours, so keep an eye out for new Live @ Norton's Cove listings coming soon!

I have a large painting series that I want to work on, and will be doing some of the work at the Café for the extra room and great lighting, and I'm thinking of opening up the Café for our drinks menu and giftshop only while I'm working on that- what do you think?  Will you come by to order a coffee if we get that set up?  Let me know what evening of the week works for you in the comments!

Norton's Cove Marine is available for vessel surveys, consultation, and insurance claim reports.  Is your insurance company asking you for an evaluation survey?  I'm your man.  Give me a call and I'll send you a quote.


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