Iceberg Alley

Iceberg Alley

Spring has sprung!  And springtime in Newfoundland, especially along this northeastern coast, means it's time for ice.  Ice floes and icebergs.  And looking at the Department of Environment and Climate Change's ice reports this morning, there is ice coming our way. 

For those of you who have seeing icebergs as the #1 reason to visit Newfoundland, I recommend you come in April, May, or June for the best chances at seeing them, and go as far north as you can- on the northern peninsula last June, I saw more icebergs than ever before in my life. 

Another note: when the ice shows up, be on the lookout for polar bears!  They like to take a ride on the floes coming down from Labrador and take in some tasty snacks that are sitting on the floes, so watch out for them!

The image shows my Iceberg Alley Mini-Print, which I'm printing more of to fulfill orders going out to shops all around Atlantic Canada.  

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