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Original intaglio print by Janet Davis, with the assistance of Taylor Laine Curtis, using salvaged humpback whale skin as the printing matrix.

  • Matted size 11 wide x 14" high
  • Printed on Arches 250g cotton fibre paper, hand-made paper, tarlatan, cotton woven fabric, and rice paper.
  • Impressions made using this printing matrix, numbering 16 in all: Variable Edition (VE) of 8, 6 Trial or Experimental Proofs, 2 Artists' Proofs
  • The printing matrix for Barnacles will not be used for additional impressions.
  • 2020
  • Wooden metallic frame available

For more information on this edition of prints, have a look at these blog posts: here, here, and here!  Taylor is making a video about the project, and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel soon.  Stay tuned!